SolidWorks Simulation

Simulation (FEA)

The value of virtual testing is that it is much more cost effective to make design changes at the beginning of the design cycle when the cost is low. When initiating prototyping, physical testing, or production validation, cost increases exponentially.

CAD Design

Computer-aided design in SolidWorks virtual environment will help our customers create, modify, analyze and optimize the products they want.

3D solid modeling has evolved into a crucial aspect of any product development, acting as the foundation for design, simulation, and manufacturing of any part and assembly that affects a wide range of industries, products and applications.

Our company offers consulting services for many fields of activity such as: engineering, research, medicine, architecture, education, fashion, construction, artwork, games and toys industry etc.

CAD design

3D Prototypes

A chinese proverb says a picture is worth more than a thousand words ...

We say a 3D prototype is worth a thousand pictures ...

We offer both internal prototyping services with using our best rated 3D printers, as well as external services provided by our collaborators for prototypes of metallic materials or other specific materials.

3D printing
reverse engineering

Reverse engineering

It is an ingenious method of accurately and rapidly shaping existing components or assemblies that require: CAD modeling because the original piece does not have the built digital model or the subsequent development of the existing product by improving manufacturing time or increasing production.

Other reasons for designing the parts by inverse engineering could be: producing prototypes, creating 3D cataloques of objects or controlling the quality of products.

3D Scanning

3D scanning is one of the newest methods of reproducing or measuring a product, and the instrument used can measure thousands to millions of points per second, the result of the measurements being called "cloud points".

Our company offers the CAD processing and export service of the scanned object.

The advantages of 3D scanning are:

  • accurate measurements of the scanned object;
  • scanned information can be stored and accessed at any time;
  • measurement speed.
3D scanning
3D printing

3D Printing

Some of the most popular objects that people want to do with a 3D printer fall into the following categories: prototypes, layouts, promotional materials, reproduction of functional parts, jigs, molds, teaching materials, figurines, crafts, keychains and so on.
Each object created by the 3D printing process, regardless of the field of activity for which it was executed, can be customized at the customer's request.

Technical communication

  • 2D technical drawings

  • Material lists

  • Technical manuals

  • Instructions for use

  • Animation and industrial graphics

  • Renderings

  • Presentation catalogs etc.

technical drawings
custom software

Customized software

From business process automation through dedicated software to web development and mobile applications, we understand the specific needs of your company and we have the expertise to create and implement the solutions you have just dreamed of.



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